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For the past decade we have been developing a methodology that works on preventable factors for a healthy longevity.

Rosita Longevity gives you the strategy and all the tools necessary to live better longer.

The Longevity School

For over 10 years we have been at the forefront of aging research, leading the biggest longevity school in Europe. Now we want to design a plan exclusively for you.

Our App brings the science and methodology of our Longevity School to your home.

Join 50+ specifically designed live classes weekly: physiotherapy, fitness and health education. All are safe and adapted to different levels.

Age is not just a number

Age is the main risk factor for cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, cancer, cognitive and dependency related diseases, so it must be taken seriously.

But many chronic diseases are preventable if, in your 60s, you build good habits and a healthy lifestyle.  The key is to act now and not wait for pain or diseases to reach you.

Rosita, your longevity coach for the next 10 years

Improve your physical condition, nutrition, chrono-regulation and cognitive health; work on your chronic pain with our easy-to-use app and longevity professionals by your side.

The first step is to get leveled so we can personalize your plan and map out the next 10 years. Rosita will give you the exercises and education to reach the 90th percentile of optimal health.

Personalized and monitored plan

and Longevity Education Programs.

No one behind: joint pain,
cardiovascular risks...

Live Classes and with healthcare professionals

The Gift of Longevity

Optimizing your lifespan is the most altruistic act of love for yourself.

Just like in your 30s you designed a financial strategy for your future, in your 60s you need to need a longevity strategy.
That's what we call a Healthy Longevity Plan.
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Our users' opinions

A couple of months ago it was uncomfortable to walk. Now I’m dancing. Rosita gave me the element I needed, consistency.
I am very excited because this week I was able to go shopping with my daughter for 5 hours. A couple of months ago I couldn't walk because of my knee pain. This was a very important milestone for me.
I have been using Rosita for less than 3 months but I see change every day in my daily routines. I feel strong and I have less fear of falling at home.
The other day someone said on TV that you are in good shape if you can stand up from the sofa without hand support. I have never been in good shape in my life, butt I did it, and I know it is only thanks to Rosita.
I set the alarm every morning to prepare for my live session with the Rosita physio. It helps me start my day with energy and with my new family
I am Anabel and I enjoy the classes and activities very much. I think this is the most important App I have ever downloaded

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What happens after you purchase a subscription?

After your purchase, you will hear from us via message or email. We will verify who needs the account set up - you or a family member- and answer any questions. You can also purchase Rosita Longevity directly via the Play Store or App Store. In all cases you have a 7 day free trial

Once you have downloaded the app, the first step we will ask you to do is to complete your Healthy Longevity Plan (HLP). This is how we take inventory of your current health status and set objectives for where you need to be in 5 years.

These goals turn into a series of personalized programs to immediately start optimizing your longevity. Programs consist of live and recorded classes, strength tests and questionnaires.

Progress is tracked to ensure you are meeting objectives. As we review your HLP the app prioritizes the most important action items.

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