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Extend your healthy life by up to 5 years.

The ageing process is 80% epigenetic, which means your lifestyle choices determine the way you age. Ageing well is a non-delegable responsibility towards your loved ones. We can help you:

👉 Define a strategic plan that works,  tested with thousands of people at the largest Longevity School in Europe.

👉 Adhere to this methodology, because a plan you don't follow is worthless.

It works for our users.
It will work for You.

Users of Rosita exercise more strength per week than most seniors their age. They also report reduced pain, better equilibrium and happiness.

Our classes are designed by doctors and specialised therapists to reduce risks of falling.

We have specific programs to reduce pain from pathologies such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

wonderful TO USE

Technology so simple your grandchildren can use it

OUR big hairy ambitious goal

We aim to extend 5 years of Healthy Life Expectancy by 2026.

Health Professionals

If you want to learn more about our methodology to help reduce preventible diseases and increase healthspan through lifestyle programs

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Seniors & Family

In the same way that you design a Pension Plan in your 30s, you must design a Longevity Plan in your 60s. Learn more about our plans

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We love your Questions

Our experience in Longevity?

Our founders have been leading the largest Longevity School in Europe for 30 years, serving more than 15,000 seniors per year at our Health Resort in Cofrentes, Valencia. We are now taking those learnings online with Rosita.

We are also working with some of the most renowned researchers in the field of longevity, like professor José Viña.

How much does it cost?

Rosita has a free tier for everyone to be able to use Rosita and feel better at home, and a premium subscription tier for value added services and specific programs that ranges $24 to $99 per month, depending on the personalisation level.

Where is Rosita available?

It is available in Spain for Spanish-speaking users. We will launch in the US in November 2021. If we have not launched in your country yet, send us an email at hola@holarosita.com

How do you actually extend healthy lifespan?

Of the many areas of healthspan, we have started with physical condition, and frailty in particular. 49% of seniors are frail of prefrail. Acting early can reduce the risk of falling which can lead to loss of autonomy. We are currently running a clinical trial to prove the effectiveness of Rosita in adding several years of healthspan.

Who creates your content?

Our content is currently 100% designed and produced by our own team. This gives the product consistency. We will, in the future, enable 3rd parties to create content for our seniors. If you are interested to do so, you can reach out to us on our email below.

Why should I use Rosita?

Just like you did not wait to your 60s to consider a pension strategy, you should not wait until you have pain or limitation to consider your longevity strategy. So even if you feel great, you will benefit greatly from having a plan, and staying full of vitality and autonomy for many years to come. We have users from their early 50s!

But I do my 10,000 steps every day

That is fantastic, and counts as healthy activity, however that does not cover your upper body, and many other muscle groups that are important to your longevity. We give you a strategic plan to help you be in the best condition possible, designed and proven by top gerontologists and physiotherapists.
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Rosita is already increasing the Healthspan of thousands of Seniors

“I use the App 6 times a week, starting with exercises and ending with relaxing activities. Since I started my Joint exercisesmy pain has disappeared. I have recommended the app to my friends because the exercises are adapted to everyone's conditions"
“I have shoulder and hip pain, although I am in good general condition. For meRosita is fun, and it is even better than the gym, because the exercises are adapted to my needs. I think at the gym I was not doing it right. Confinement has been very hard for me and the App keeps me happy”
“I love it, I do 3 activities per day. 2 months ago I had a heart attack and Rosita is helping me to recover little by little. With confinement I lose muscle and vitality, and sometimes feel sad. Rosita gives me a lot of energy in the mornings and Taichi keeps me at peace. My husband sometimes joins me”