Get a Longevity Plan to live more years with good health


Enjoy a healthy longevity with the help of a cohesive plan you can follow from home

Age is just a number...

... albeit an important one. Age is the main risk factor for cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, cancer, cognitive and dependency related diseases.

But many chronic diseases are preventable with good lifestyle habits once you reach 60+.

The Longevity School

15,000 seniors come to our longevity resort in Spain every year to optimize their longevity.

Our App brings the science and methodology of our Longevity School to your home.

Join +50 live 🔴 classes per week, including physiotherapy, education and exercises designed and adapted to be safe for all levels, and conditions.

A longevity coach for the next 10 years

Improve your physical condition, nutrition, chrono-regulation and cognitive health; work on your chronic pain with our longevity professionals and super-easy-App- even grandchildren can use

When you start, we will ask you to do a levelling test so we can give you the education and exercises you need. We will work together on a 10 year plan to help you
reach the 90th percentile

Develop your key muscles

Test yourbiomechanics

50 Weekly Live classesand community

Follow a 10-yearlongevity plan

The Gift of Longevity

Optimizing your own Healthspan is the most altruistic thing you can do for the people who love you so you can keep your autonomy for many many years.

And just like in your 30s you prepare your pension plans for your retirement, in your 60s and 70s you need to think about what kind of ageing you want for the next 30 years.

Fun, not homework!
Have more fun than Crushing Candies 🍬 whilst taking care of your mind and body

Users love it. You will, too.

I am very excited because this week I was able to go shopping with my daughter for 5 hours. A couple of months ago I couldn't walk because of my knee pain. This was a very important milestone for me.
I have been using Rosita for less than 3 months but I see change every day in my daily routines. I feel strong and I have less fear of falling at home.
The other day i saw on TV an exercise that said you were in good shape if you could stand up from the sofa without hand support. I have never been in good shape in my life. But I did it, and I know its only thanks to Rosita.
I set the alarm every morning to wake up for my live session with the physio. It helps me start my day with energy and with my new family
I am Annabel. I enjoy the classes and activities very much. I think this is th emost important app I have ever downloaded
My daughters are fascinated. I hva told all my friends. They dont believe me. i couldnt walk a couple of months ago and now im dancing. I think the key element is consistency. Doing it every day

The most important dollars you can invest this year

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What happens after I pay?

Upon purchase you will receive an email from us. We will setup a call with you within 2 days to know you better and to sync the payment with the App of the user (in case you are buying it for a loved one). You will then be able to access all our classes and private groups with our experts.

Our mission is to extend healthspan by 5 years

Frailty is a silent epidemic that affects 49% of seniors (42% pre-frail and 7% frail), and is the leading indicator of dependency.

At the same time, 70% of seniors suffer osteoarthritis chronic pain. This pain leads to sedentarism which is the precursor of future muscle loss, sarcopenia, fallings and eventual frailty.

Renowned longevity professor Jose Viña proved, in 2016, that frailty can not only be delayed but also reversed, with the adequate strength and balance training led by coaches in physical locations. Viña joined us in 2020 to create the best home-based methodology with a combination of human and virtual coaches.

Together with our experience at our Longevity resort, where we developed the pyramid of healthy longevity, we have put together Rosita, a virtual coach that will help you optimize your longevity for the next 20 years, so you can be in the 90th percentile at every age (what we call the "Range of Excellence").

If you are an Insurance company, Clinic, or Health institution, we can extend Healthspan together. Join us.
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